Who we are... The Desperate need for change

By now as humans, we all or most should already know that billions of animals or 200 000 every minute are killed for consumption by us, our pets or for simple treats. This supposed happy unicorns and smilling animals that lie to us has been told is unfortunately a myth. Animals do not want to be killed, tortured or exploited. They deserve as much care as we give our pets. So hold your speciesism and do some research on being vegan. Veganism once again is not a religion its a plant based diet but also refraining from buying anything where animals are exploited. Animals are not an unlimited resource and eventually with the growth of the human population and the need for pet food for our pets, these animals will not last. If we love our pets why can't we simply love these animals as well. They are no different. We are not forcing a vegan diet for your pet that is your choice, we are simply stating that the treats dont need to follow the same unfortunate cruelties as everything else. If you do wish to look into a vegan diet, it has been proven that a vegan diet is very healthy for your pet. We can provide many links and artices for help in that matter. If you still prefer your current pet food our treat will work as an amazing accompanyment that are packed with all the essential living nutrients that a plant based diet provides.

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