DK Family Pet Treats is all about compassion and love for pets, their owners, the community, and the environment. We like to share our passion as best we can in a variety of ways.


To show our passion we promise to donate a maximum $1.00 for every two bags of treats sold to the local animal shelter. A minimum of $0.50 per treat will automatically be donated to the shelter. The other $0.50 will be rotated monthly amongst other needed and thoroughly researched community charities with some months giving a full $1.00 to the local shelter.


We strive to make the business as sustainable as possible. A brighter future means a care for our environment. All waste will be composted as its only fruits and vegetables. All our packaging is biodegrable and our business cards are 100% completely recycled material.

Local & Organic

We order a good portion of our ingredients through Eat Local; a local cooperative whose primary goal is to provide local, organic and fair trade foods and items to the public with sustainability and building locally as its primary drive. We will always place local, fair trade and organic ingredients on the forefront when gathering ingredients.


We believe in better educating the owners on a variety of areas for their pets well being. The website will help owners learn more about the pets so they can have a better outlook on food in general and lifestyle for their pets.