Why are the treats vegan?
As vegans ourselves and as a part of a healthy diet, fruits and vegetables are key to providing essential minerals and vitamins. This way your dog gets healthy treats that can be a part of any diet vegetarian, or omnivorous. And what treats can you get that helps the environment, is cruelty free, and gives your dog a bountiful amount of health for the rest of their life... DK Family does.

What are the health benefits of the treats?
Seeing as that the treats are whole foods, we are confident in every ounce of these treats. They are packed with various nutrients such as vitamins C,A,B2 and B6 as well as minerals selenium, magnesium, and potassium and Omega 6. All of these nutrients are preserved due to the dehydration process.

How is the money donated to local charities?
We like to stay true to our mission and by being vegan we like to continue to help with the community with our dollar donations. Automatically 50 cents will be donated per purchased to the local SPCA of where the treats were purchased. The other 50 cents will rotate with some months doubling the amount donated to the local SPCA and other months an animal related charity of our choice. Every month we will check the reports and see where all our treats were purchased from and send a cheque to the local charity for the amount as promised.

Why are the treats dehydrated?
To preserve as much as the nutrients as possible. It is the second best method aside from raw, and the best method for preservation. Baking, boiling, broiling, frying etc... will kill off many nutrients where as dehydrating preserves it. Also the moisture can be added right back to the treats by simply soaking them in water.

Are all of your ingredients local, organic or fair trade?
We strive to get as many ingredients that are either local, fair trade or organic, considering our location it can be difficult to get local year round. We do have an ability to acquire local apples which we plan to explore. Our other ingredients will remain either organic or fair trade such as organic peanut butter, wheat grass and fair trade cinnamon. We strive to only use the best ingredients possible. All the ingredients use cruelty-free, environmentally friendly. Click here to see Our Ingredients.

How many treats can I give my dog?
We don't believe there is a limit to the amount that can be given to your dog. Seeing as they are not adequate as a meal replacement, they are simply a healthy treat that can be used for training, supplementing or to simply spoil your dog. You can give the treats whenever you want without worry.

Are they human grade? Yes they are human grade, they are all whole foods taken straight from nature. They can also work as an amazing treat for you to eat yourself if you choose. The health benefits would be the same for you. These treats are even safe for a baby to eat. We do recommend to wait til 10 plus months, also if you have a peanut allergy to take it slow with you baby and watch for an allergy.