D.K Family Pets Treats was created towards growing as a healthy, innovative, and eco-friendly, simple dog treat business; who will sustain our products with healthy ingredients and the desire to expand the message of plant-based ingredients and their healthy advantages globally. Our mission consists to three interrelated parts:


To make the most simple and healthiest plant-based dog treats with the method of dehydrating, to preserve as much of the best quality ingredients for vital and sustainable vitamins and mineral intake. Also with the constant environment in mind by bio-degradable packaging, and all 100 percent compostable ingredients.


Maintaining our standards of practice primarily being always quality ingredients, and quality service to all and allowing growth and expansion for our company by expanding our selling locations with close consideration of our expenses and our market and well thought out planning.


We are here to develop only simple quality, healthy, and environment-friendly treats for dogs in every community we touch. We have our commitment to donate a 1.00 for every two packages of treats sold to local charities in the communities our treats are sold. We desire to commit our dedication towards constant research and knowledge for owners and their confidence in diet and nutrition for dogs and to provide that knowledge gained through constant passion and care. We hope to sustain and grow our business with all of these three interrelated parts to our mission to better each community and their dogs we touch health wise, environment wise, and community wise for as long as we can.

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