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Information Sharing:

DK Family does not share the information it collects, whether general or personal, in any specific way with third parties without visitor consent or as otherwise required by law.

DK Family Pets Treats may collect:

(1) personal or (2) general visitor-related information or (3) payment info for purchases only:

DK Family Pets Treats will never sell, lease or share personal information, including names and email addresses, with any third party. Visitors will not be required to provide personal information for ordinary use of the site. Visitors may have the opportunity to provide DK Family with their personal information in response to specific services or tasks. In order to receive additional services, visitors may be required to provide personal information such as names and email addresses.

General Information:

Like many other web sites, DK Family Pets Treats tracks general information tied to our visitors to enhance our visitors’ experiences by analyzing trends, tracking user’s movement around the site, and gathering demographic information. This information that is tracked, also referred to as log files, includes but is not limited to, internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser types, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), access times, and click activity. This information that is tracked does not identify a visitor personally. One way DK Family Pets Treats collects this general information is through cookies, a small text file with a unique identifying string of characters. Cookies help with store information about visitors’ preferences, record user-specific information about the pages users access, and customize web content based on a visitor’s browser type. You can disable cookies in your web browser so that cookies are not set without your permission.

Other Sites:

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