The Family

Apple Pic

The family here at DK Family is all about the passion for animals. The business was born in Sudbury, Ontario from what originally began as grooming in early 2010 in North Bay grew to the real issue at hand with our beloved companions: health. With plenty of education, experience and knowledge with animals the family developed a set a of treats that your pet can enjoy at all times of the day and will work as a perfect supplement to your companions diet. Our treats are nourished with passion, love and care for animals, people and the planet. In 2014 an unfortunate event happened our beloved companion Apple who initially sparked the drive for a pet business passed away at only 5 years old. We made her a promise to provide healthy vegan treats and help bring health for her family, friends and other beloved species.

Us & Watermelon Our purpose for this business is to gather as many local ingredients as possible to help give the highest quality, more sustainable and cruelty free plant based ingredients to be put into our treats. We live and breathe the vegan lifestyle and are very passionate to bring it into our business so that we can share it with others as we know how beneficial the lifesyle is. Whether our customers are vegan or not we hope to bring the health and radiance that these treats will fulfill the companions with.

baby mia addition

Using the nutrient dense apples as a staple for our original treats and gathered locally; our companions have an amazing treat that the owners never have to worry about. Other ingredients are either local or organic to provide that trust that all owners care about. The company's health expert Katrina Ricci is passionate about the value that the ingredients provide. She never tires of the research needed to remain knowledgeable with all the new information that is discovered in the pet and health industry.

Millie Cocker Spaniel

The business would not be fully complete without her diligent partner: Derrick Doucet. His views for sustainability provide value for both the earth and business. His work with graphics and web development is also indescribable. Combined with Katrina the limits for the business are endless. Of course, a pet treat business would not be complete without a family. The new addition Mia will provide the energy needed to create a beautifully passionate business.

Lastly the taste expert Millie will always give her honest opinion on the treats.